måndag 28 mars 2011

När jag var gäst hos Oprah och snackade ålder..

(Applåder, vinjett)

Oprah: So, Jempa. Only a little more than a week now before you hit the big Three Six.

Jag: I know, I know..

(Paus för applåder)

Oprah: So in what ways can you actually notice that you´re an adult now?

Jag: Well this morning I..

Oprah(avbryter för hon är så ivrigt): This morning you actually went to work with your new poncho on, without even knowing if this was in fashion or not!!

(Applåder igen)

Jag: I know Oprah, that was huge. But i had some people in the office saying it was ok so i felt good about it.

Jag och min poncho på väg till jobbet, trots att ingen ännu hunnit upplysa mig om detta var ute eller inne. Vuxet.

Oprah: Thats great Jempa. So, are there actually any positives about getting this old that you can point out?

Jag: Well for once, i dont have to deal with acne anymore.


Oprah: Thats priceless Jempa! But.. What is that i see between your mouth and chin?

Jag: Eh.. what?

Oprah: Well, i see a spot there. Its quite red.

Jag (böjer huvudet i skam): I know, lately they have just been popping up, one after the other. I try to cover them but nothing works and dont know why they keep coming back..

Oprah: So, perhaps there is actually nothing positive in getting this old? Hm?

Jag: No..

Säg hej till den senaste i raden av extremt ovälkomna gäster på sistone.

2 kommentarer:

Västgötskan sa...

Ugly Betty började sin första arbetsdag i en poncho! Se hur det gick för henne... Quite well. ;-)

Jempa sa...

Haha, jamen dåså.